Who’s On Board the Minibus?

Washington D.C. – After a stunning defeat on an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is trying to fast track yet another item on the agenda in what is now being referred to as a “minibus”. This is a portion of the overall federal budget, and what normally goes through regular order has gotten maneuvered for a vote sometime this week in the Senate through Rule 14. But what is the “minibus” and what is in it? Why does it have to move so fast?

The “minibus” that passed the House last week provided $789 billion dollars for funding to the Pentagon, veterans benefits, nuclear programs and also budgeted $1.6 Billion for a costly and ineffective border wall.  Make America Secure Appropriations Act, H.R. 3219 (115), passed on a nearly party line vote by a margin of 235-192 in the House. The addition of the $1.6 billion for the border wall may have complicated things as it heads to the Senate.

The big question is whether the Senate will reach the 60 votes needed to pass H.R. 3219 before the end of the week. Which Senators will be willing to jump on board the “minibus”? As it stands it is not very likely to move forward given the fact that there may not be enough votes to get it done before the Senate recess and will be taken up in September.

To see how your California Member of Congress voted, see below:


  • Calvert, Ken (CA-42)
  • Cook, Paul (CA-8)
  • Denham, Jeff (CA-10)
  • Hunter, Duncan (CA-50)
  • Issa, Darrell, (CA-50)
  • Knight, Steve (CA-25)
  • LaMalfa, Doug (CA-1)
  • McCarthy, Kevin (CA-23)
  • McClintock, Tom (CA-4)
  • Nunes, Devin (CA-22)
  • Rohrabacher, Dana (CA-48)
  • Royce, Ed (CA-39)
  • Valadao, David (CA-21)
  • Walters, Mimi (CA-45)


  • Aguilar, Pete (CA-31)
  • Barragan, Nanette (CA-44)
  • Bass, Karen (CA-37)
  • Bera, Ami (CA-7)
  • Brownley, Julia (CA-26)
  • Carbajal, Salud (CA-24)
  • Cardenas, Tony (CA-29)
  • Chu, Judy (CA-27)
  • Correa, Luis (CA-46)
  • Costa, Jim (CA-16)
  • Davis, Susan (CA-53)
  • DeSaulnier, Mark (CA-11)
  • Eshoo, Anna (CA-18)
  • Garamendi, John (CA-3)
  • Huffman, Jared (CA-2)
  • Khanna, Ro (CA-17)
  • Lee, Barbara (CA-13)
  • Lieu, Ted (CA-33)
  • Lofgren, Zoe (CA-19)
  • Lowenthal, Alan (CA-47)
  • Matsui, Doris (CA-6)
  • McNerney, Jerry (CA-9)
  • Panetta, Jimmy (CA-20)
  • Pelosi, Nancy (CA-12)
  • Peters, Scott (CA-52)
  • Roybal-Allard, Lucille (CA-40)
  • Ruiz, Raul (CA-36)
  • Sanchez, Linda (CA-38)
  • Schiff, Adam (CA-28)
  • Rep. Brad Sherman (CA-30)
  • Speier, Jackie (CA-14)
  • Swalwell, Eric (CA-15)
  • Takano, Mark (CA-41)
  • Thompson, Mike (CA-5)
  • Torres, Norma (CA-35)
  • Vargas, Juan (CA-51)
  • Waters, Maxine (CA-43)


  • Grace Napolitano, Grace (CA-32)