Month: August 2016

Immigration Platforms: Two Visions for America









Washington D.C. – With the Supreme Court of the United States tied at a 4-4 on President Obama’s DAPA and DACA Extension Programs, there is a renewed call for Immigration Reform. As the Democratic and Republican National Conventions have wrapped up, there are two distinct visions for how to address the issue of immigration in our country. Below you will find a comparison between the two party’s platforms which stand to impact the lives of millions of immigrants across the U.S.

On a Path to Citizenship:

  • DNC: Supports path to citizenship.
  • RNC: Opposes any type of legalization.

On DACA and DAPA Programs:

  • DNC: Supports DACA/DAPA.
  • RNC: Opposes DACA/DAPA.

On Enforcement and Due Process:

  • DNC: Supports “humane” immigration enforcement. Supports prioritizing enforcement against “those who pose a threat to [public] safety, not hardworking families who are contributing to their communities.” Also, supports government-funded counsel for unaccompanied children in immigration courts.
  • RNC: Supports denying undocumented immigrants who pay taxes access to tax credits and benefits they are legally entitled to. Supports requiring all employers nationwide to use E-verify. Supports limiting due process for certain immigrants in removal proceedings. Supports the widely-discredited 287g program. Supports cutting off funding to localities that limit their participation in federal programs that use local law enforcement officials to engage in immigration enforcement.

Helping Central American Refugees:

  • DNC: Commits to ending raids against children and families and supports efforts to uphold due process for those fleeing violence in Central America and to work with regional partners to address the root causes of violence in Central America.  “Would consider all available means” of protecting Central American families, including strengthening in-country and third-country processing, expanding the use of humanitarian parole, and granting Temporary Protected Status (TPS).
  • RNC: N/A

On Immigrant Integration:

  • DNC: Supports investment in immigrant integration services. Supports expanding access to English language education. Supports helping immigrants become citizens.
  • RNC: Supports English as the national language.

On the 3 and 10 Year Bar:

  • DNC: Supports ending the 3 and 10-year bars.
  • RNC: N/A

On Immigrant Detention:

  • DNC: Supports ending federal, state, and municipal contracts with for profit private prisons and private detention centers. Supports ending family detention. Supports expanded use of “humane” alternatives to detention.
  • RNC: Supports indefinite detention.

On Guest Workers:

  • DNC: N/A
  • RNC: Supports a guest worker program.

On State DREAM Acts “In-State Tuition”:

  • DNC: N/A
  • RNC: Supports denying federal funding to universities who provide in-state tuition rates to undocumented students.

On the Border:

  • DNC: N/A
  • RNC: Supports expanding the wall along the Southern border.