Defending My CA

Vote NO on the Recall!

California has the largest immigrant population in the nation, and it has benefited — as an economy and as a society — from empowering them and enacting policies that give them equal standing with other residents. Immigrants here know their value, and their civic participation has enriched this state.

Now, a recall election to be held on September 14 seeks to overturn more than 25 years of work to make this a prosperous, immigrant-friendly state. California’s immigrants will not allow a return to the old days ruled by xenophobia and immigrant-bashing. We are getting into the ring and we are fighting back with a strong #NORecall vote. We will not let an anti-immigrant Republican minority ruin our state’s future. We are a force to reckon with. We will vote #NORecall!

¡Defiendo Mi CA! / Defending My CA!

When am I voting?

What will be on my ballot?

September 14, 2021, California Gubernatorial Recall Election ballot will have two parts:

  1. There will be a recall question presented on the ballot: Shall GAVIN NEWSOM be recalled (removed) from the office of Governor?

We recommend: Once you vote “NO”, skip question #2.”

2. Following that recall question, all qualified replacement candidates for the office of governor will be listed.  

Must voters vote on both parts of the recall ballot? No. Voters can vote on either one or both parts of the recall ballot. Again, we recommend: Once you vote “NO”, skip question #2.” 

What are we defending by voting NO on the Recall?

When immigrants in CA vote against the Recall of Governor Newsom, we are defending:


  • Our access to a COVID-19 vaccine and treatment, regardless of immigration status
  • Our childrens’ access to healthcare up to the age of 26, regardless of immigration status


  • The access to tuition equity for undocumented students 
  • The investments for access to education for all students 

Justice and worker rights

  • California as a sanctuary state
  • The access to affordable, state-supported legal services
  • The rights of immigrant workers: farmworkers, domestic workers, and day laborers
  • The right to be protected against wage theft 
  • The right to be protected from ICE in courthouses


  • The right to obtain a driver’s license
  • The right to pursue small business ownership, regardless of status
  • The access to professional licenses and opportunities 
  • The right to serve on government boards and commissions

Who is the Immigrant Power PAC ?

The Immigrant Power PAC is a political action group to help elect leaders who prioritize pro-immigrant families and craft policies to integrate them to our nation. Immigrant community are part of our nation. Support the candidates we back, by donating today to give them a seat at the table tomorrow!

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