Month: June 2014

CHIRLA Action Fund Gets the Vote Out in the Antelope Valley

Palmdale, CA – CHIRLA Action Fund volunteers will be turning out voters today in the Antelope Valley for this year’s Primary Election.  A significant gain in immigrant and Latino voters is expected in this year’s primary election as the “Respeto” campaign launched by the CHIRLA Action Fund has reached record numbers of low propensity voters.

“Since April, CHIRLA Action Fund volunteers have knocked on doors, made phone calls and reached out to 5,000 Latino and immigrant voters in the Antelope Valley.  On Election Day, we are reminding voters to get out to vote and have their voices heard loud and clear.  Our collective vote will put a stamp of approval on efforts to move immigration reform once and for all in Congress,” stated Angelica Salas, CHIRLA Fund Board Chair.

This historic effort is helping to motivate immigrant and Latino voters to send a clear message that when these communities are invited to participate in the democratic process, they show up in great numbers.

“It is important to get out the vote because we need positive change,” said CHIRLA Action Fund volunteer Alicia Garcia who just finished knocking countless doors, “We expect compassion and support for our community from our elected officials.  Our community is tired of the inaction, the deportations and family separation. It is in the hands of our elected officials to make the difference and voting is one step forward to getting true representation and find champions who fight for our community.”

Two major races are on this year’s ballot with high stakes for immigrant families.  The first is an open seat for Congressional District 25.  The most outspoken advocate in favor of immigration reform has been Dr. Lee Rogers.  The race to win the L.A. County Sheriff seat is also expected to be a close race with Sheriff James Hellmold as the only progressive candidate in the running.

Later tonight, CHIRLA Action Fund volunteers will be celebrating the election results at a viewing party for community members and their families.  They have put in countless hours over the course of these past two months and look forward to seeing their hard work pay off.


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