Month: March 2015

Cutting Risk by Disclosing Political Donations

In politics, it often pays to be ahead of the curve. That holds true for corporate governance too, even more so when politics enter the equation.

That is why a small number of the nation’s largest corporations have voluntarily agreed to report their share of trade association outlays that go to fund political activities. Together, these firms encompass a virtual who’s who in the microcosm of corporate America. In doing so, this corporate vanguard has yielded to pressure from shareholder activist groups that targeted them as prime candidates for greater accountability and transparency.

But this trend also reflects the altered political climate in Washington — a climate personified by Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., the liberal chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and an advocate of what he calls “shareholder democracy.”

“Some companies get it, some don’t,” said Bruce Freed, co-director of the Washington-based Center for Political Accountability, a nonprofit and non-partisan shareholder advocacy group that is playing a key behind-the-scenes role in orchestrating the recent run of voluntary disclosures. “The ones that don’t get it,” he added, “are headed for a (shareholder) proxy vote.”

Jacque Robinson Makes Top Two for April Runoff

Pasadena, CA – A jubilant crowd gathered at the Lincoln Restaurant last night as the Mayoral Election results were displayed for all to see. Jacque Robinson received 30.3% of the total vote last night, which means she will be headed for a runoff election set for Tuesday, April 21.

Her mother, who is originally from Belize and shares Nicaraguan ancestry, and father were both present last night sharing in the joy of their daughter’s significant win. As the next election approaches, Robinson’s campaign will take a short, well-deserved rest and ramp up again very soon.


More on Jacque Robinson’s top two win last night:

Marqueece Harris-Dawson Wins!

Los Angeles – Results from yesterday’s Los Angeles City Council election in District 8 has Marqueece Harris-Dawson up by 61% of the vote. Based on these results, Marqueece has won the seat to make him the 8th District’s Council Member. There will be no need for a runoff election in May. Congratulations to Marqueece as he takes the win and prepares to represent Los Angeles.