CHIRLA Action Fund Fall Membership Drive

The CHIRLA Action Fund has demonstrated that we will stand up for the Family Uniters that have taken leadership on behalf of immigrants, and we will vote out the Family Dividers, those that have not stood by our families. We will vote out the extremists who have chosen gridlock and racism over families and common sense.  But we cannot do this alone, we need your support.

We have made historic gains for immigrant rights across the country – we won DACA, we won reform in the Senate, and we’ve won countless victories to advance the rights for immigrants here in California.

Every election cycle, we get one step closer to immigration reform. We only got this far precisely because we mobilized and voted.

We can continue to amplify your voice as a CHIRLA Action Fund member.  Together we can stand as workers, students, supporters, advocates and individuals making a difference in the lives of immigrants every day. Take the next step with us by becoming a CHIRLA Action Fund member for the cost of $25 a year.  With your support there is no limit to what we can accomplish.