CHIRLA Action Fund 2016 Endorsements for Congress, State Assembly



Los Angeles – The CHIRLA Action Fund, the political arm of the largest immigrant rights organization in California, issued the first political endorsements of the 2016 election cycle. The three endorsements involve the Congressional race for the 44th District and two California Assembly seat races in Districts 48 and 65.

“The CHIRLA Action Fund Board is pleased to endorse California Senator Isadore Hall in the 44th Congressional District race. As a lawmaker for the people of California, Mr. Hall brings more than 15 years of experience and has demonstrated leadership, commitment to integrating aspiring citizens, and a sense of justice for all,” stated Angelica Salas, CHIRLA Action Fund’s Board Chair.

In the race for California’s Assembly District 65, the CHIRLA Action Fund endorses Sharon Quirk-Silva.

“Ms. Quirk-Silva is running against Young Kim, a candidate who has failed to acknowledge how much Orange County is changing. Based on our Scorecard, Ms. Kim’s pro-immigrant legislative voting score was 30% — a percentage far too low to address the immigrant issues of Assembly District 65,” stated Diana Colin, the Action Fund’s program director.

The Fund endorsed the son of immigrants, Bryan Urias, for California Assembly District 48.

“Mr. Urias reflect the changing demographics in California and we are inspired by his commitment to immigrant integration and a California where everyone is prosperous,” added. Ms. Salas.

“Our three endorsements represent our commitment to support leaders who understand California, regardless of race or party affiliation, and who take a stand when others take a back seat or remain quiet. These three leaders will help California achieve greatness and help immigrants move forward as integral part of our society,” added Ms. Salas.

The CHIRLA Action Fund endorsement process includes a meeting with the candidates, a rigorous questionnaire, background research, and a recommendation by the Staff which must be approved by the board.