No Hate in L.A. Action Draws Hundreds

Los Angeles, CA – On Friday, hundreds of Angelenos upset about anti-immigrant comments made by Donald Trump gathering in protest during his visit to the Luxe Hotel in Brentwood. After having insulted Latinos and immigrants, Donald Trump was met by community members who held signs which read, “No hate in L.A.” and “We are not criminals.”

“There is no way a candidate for the highest elected office in the land can utter the type of hateful language that Trump is known for and expect to win the Latino/immigrant vote. We have no room for hate in Los Angeles,” said Diana Colin, CHIRLA Action Funds Program Director.

The positive message delivered by community members prevailed and sparked a social media and communications frenzy which highlighted the push back against unfounded allegations and “gut-feeling” anti-immigrant statements made by Trump.

The CHIRLA Action Fund is committed to fighting against anti-immigrant comments to ensure that a civil discourse with concrete solutions to immigration reform are not overshadowed by hate speech.